What Is TAP?

There is a gap between Big Data stored in Hadoop and applications that need to consume this data to deliver value. Trusted Analytics Platform (TAP) provides the connection between Big Data and applications with a Big Data Analytics platform that transforms data from stored potential to realized value.

TAP is open-source software, optimized for performance and security, that accelerates the creation of cloud-native applications driven by Big Data analytics. This integrated platform simplifies solution development and delivers value from data faster by providing a collaborative, flexible environment for advanced analytics in public and private clouds.

diagramTAP provides the tools and services that system operators, data scientists and application developers can use to:
  • Ingest data from multiple sources and in disparate formats
  • Analyze data and design analytic models
  • Make analytics easily consumable by applications

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Running TAP

TAP can be deployed on public and private cloud systems, as a new platform or leveraging existing Hadoop clusters. Our team and community have documented installation steps for a major cloud service provider and prominent private cloud framework. Additionally, through our partners, you can easily install or access instances of TAP for evaluation purposes.

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Getting Started

Once you have an instance of TAP running, our team and community maintain documentation, code samples and tutorials to get you started. Visit our new getting started guide for detail to install TAP from our open source project on github. To best support TAP use, we have organized our documentation in line with each key user of TAP.

TAP for Data Scientists

Extensible tools, scalable algorithms and powerful engines to train and deploy predictive models

TAP for Developers

Consistent APIs, services and runtimes to quickly integrate these models into applications

TAP for System Operators

Integrated stack can be easily provisioned in a Cloud infrastructure





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For More Information

Interested in your organization using TAP or have general questions about the platform, contact us at trustedanalytics@gmail.com.

Have a question? Want to join the TAP community? Join us at community.trustedanalytics.org

To get familiar with TAP documentation and code, visit http://trustedanalytics.github.io.

If you are using TAP and want to check on new feature activity, you can visit our public Jira here: https://trustedanalytics.atlassian.net/