TAP for Application Developers

For developers, TAP provides easy access to cloud APIs, services and runtimes. TAP comes preconfigured with support for Python, Java, Scala, Node.js, PHP, Go and more. These runtimes, combined with dynamically bindable services and expressive APIs, allow application developers to minimize provisioning complexity and time, allow data scientists’ Big Data Analytic models to be quickly integrated into applications and reduces reliance on DevOps. APIs included in TAP:

  • Python API
  • Spark Streaming
  • Spark SQL, DataFrames and Datasets
  • Spark Machine Learning Library (MLlib)
  • Spark Graphx Library (graph processing)

Many common ingestion protocols, such as MQTT, WS and REST, as well as message queues based on Apache Kafka and RabbitMQ, are also implemented in TAP. This allows application developers to easily connect to data processing services, such as Apache Spark. TAP also includes a framework based on Akka, called Gearpump, which enables distributed and low-latency data processing capabilities for near- real-time use cases (e.g., IoT alerting scenarios).

Application developers who want to bind and store persistent data (e.g., create a form that captures data that will reside in TAP), have ready access to the following tools and services in the TAP Marketplace:

  • ArangoDB
  • Cassandra
  • CouchDB
  • Elasticsearch
  • InfluxDB
  • Hadoop/HDFS
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • OrientDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis

Key features of TAP for developers:

  • Integrated, self-service environment
  • Self-service, polyglot application runtime environment
  • Rich APIs and micro-services to locate and integrate analytics created by data scientists
  • Support for common messaging queues
  • Catalog to discover available application services
  • Abstraction of provisioning and configuration complexity

Key benefits of TAP for developers:

  • Ability to incorporate Big Data insights in applications
  • Reduced reliance on DevOps personnel
  • Productivity and agility
  • Accelerate development time
  • Easy exploration of tools and technologies using a Marketplace of services

More Information

For more technical information, visit https://github.com/tapanalyticstoolkit.