Hadoop Summit San Jose 2016 Recap

By Matt Beasley, Business Development Manager

Hadoop Summit San Jose was held on June 28-30 in San Jose, California. It is one of the largest open source Big Data events of the year, and we were there educating the community about TAP.

There were over 3,000 attendees from developers, architects, administrators, data scientists to vendor representatives. With attendees from every industry, it was a great opportunity to learn about the issues facing modern IT departments as well as the insights business decision makers are eager to have at their fingertips.

Hadoop Summit contained keynotes showcasing the latest breakthroughs leveraging Apache Hadoop, courses providing deep dives and practice tips to enhance everyone’s Big Data journey, and a demo showcase. Of course there was also plenty of time to mingle and network with other people in the Big Data community.

TAP was well represented in the demo showcase where we had technical and business experts on hand to answer everyone’s questions about our open source project. We were showcasing a live demo of our latest release, version 0.7, and the solutions enabled with our partner ecosystem.

I couldn’t believe how quickly the discussions have changed in the Big Data community. Big Data is no longer the curiosity that IT departments want to learn more about. Now, IT departments come ready to talk about their Big Data journey and want to know how your open source contribution can provide a crucial piece of their next Big Data milestone. TAP fits into these discussions perfectly.

We had many interesting conversations with attendees while at Hadoop Summit. Machine Learning seemed to be top of mind for many of the attendees and the questions proved the communities insatiable interest in knowledge of the topic. We also had numerous conversations with other Big Data vendors about how we can support each other’s ability to provide meaningful solutions faster and more efficiently. It takes so many pieces and players to put together a truly world class Big Data engine.


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